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 Therapeutic Bath Bomb Duo: 
1 dried herbs bomb + 1 oil-infused color bomb

  Shea butter and essential oils infused: 
Soothing and anti-inflammatory proprieties  

 Expertly recommended organic herbs and flowers added (phytotherapy)

 Expertly recommended non-staining, vegan colors added (chromotherapy)

  Expertly recommended natural aromas added (aromatherapy)

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Why You Want and Need this Amazing Therapeutic Bath Bomb Duo

Essence Balneotherapy expertly combines the healing proprieties of herbs, salts, essential oils, colors, and aromas, to engage all senses. Just add water and your favorite playlist and relax, relieve, revive

We believe in the de-stressing, balancing, detoxing, and grounding powers of personal therapeutic baths to promote mind-body-and-soul health.

Why are we giving you this combo of 2 bath bombs for just $9? 

Reason #1: Essence Balneotherapy awareness.
We needed a good way to tell people about our unique therapy through bath methods. 

Reason #2: We need your opinion!
We are gathering as many real, honest reviews on our bath bombs before we start selling them in large scale. Your real time feedback will help our start-up business. 

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